Peter Fowler

Peter heads up Compassion Ministries and the Discipleship and Leadership Development Year Programmes; he is also the Theology Coordinator for the HUB Training Programme for the Scottish Area. Peter has been at Glasgow Vineyard, with his wife Grace, since 2002. When not working in Glasgow Vineyard, Peter 'enjoys' landscape gardening (but not the everyday weeding) and working on his model railway, which he has to share with his cat.

If you would like to contact Peter, then please email him at

Peter’s Thoughts

  • Reflections on a Prayer Meeting

    Refections on a Prayer Meeting On Wednesday night we met together for worship and prayer as part of the nationwide Alpha Prayer Live initiative.  It was great to gather together to worship and pray and to be joined by two people new to Glasgow who found out about the event on Facebook and were ‘looking to […]

Peter Fowler