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We offer Prophecy Appointments for those seeking the hear God speak into their lives….

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This event finished on 20 December 2020

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We offer Prophecy Appointments for those seeking the hear God speak into their lives.  We believe that it is important that those bringing prophecy are trained and in accountable relationships within the local church.  We have set up a Prophetic Team, which is run by our Senior Pastor, Linda Watters.  Members of the Prophetic Team have been trained in the prophetic, are in an accountable relationship with their team leader and other members of the team.  The team regularly meet for training and feedback sessions.

We also believe that all prophecy should be weighed and tested; that is why we make recordings of the Prophecy Appointments, which we give to you after the session, so that you can weigh and test what has been said (pray about, ask God to confirm through others).

Prophecy appointments happen at 10.30am on a Sunday before church.  Three/ four people, who have been trained in prophecy, are part of the prophecy team and are in accountable relationships within our church family, pray for you and hear what God says to encourage you, strengthen you or comfort you. We then send you/give you a recording of the session, to allow you to test and weigh the prophecy and to help you remember what had been said. The sessions usually last around 20-30 minutes and are available from September to May.

If you would like to know more about prophecy, or book a prophecy appointment, then e-mail the Glasgow Vineyard office at and we will get back to you with the next date that is free.  Please note that prophecy appointments are very popular and available dates fill up very quickly, so please book early.