Student Small Groups

Our small groups are online right now. We have three student small groups. Each group is around 6-12 other students. Whether you are beginning to be interested in faith or have been a Christian your whole life we would love for you to join us.

Student Small Groups are a key way we connect with each other, learn about God and have a laugh together. We have three to choose from (each once does the same plans for the term). This term we will be sharing stories of what we have seen God do in our lives and looking at the Bible to study who God is and what this means for us.

Click on the link below to join in - we'll see you there!

Tuesday Night with Barnaby and Jemma at 7:30pm

Wednesday night with Eleanor and Jem at 7:30pm

Thursday night with Scott and Steph at 7pm 

We also run a weekly zoom session after church on Sundays. At 11:45am after church you can scroll down and join our student zoom. We catch up, sometimes play a game or two, take communion together monthly and then pray in groups of 3-5. You're so welcome to join us!

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