Student Small Groups

Our small groups are online right now. We have three student small groups. Each group is around 6-12 other students. Whether you are beginning to be interested in faith or have been a Christian your whole life we would love for you to join us.

This term we will be exploring character. We will be exploring what it looks like to be: curious rather than anxious; hopeful rather than fearful; forgiving rather than begrudging, and then how we can practically grow in this.

Our small groups run on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 7pm so if you want to get involved in one or ask any questions about them then send a message to or DM our instagram @glasgowvineyardstudents

From our small groups we will be having groups of 3 students who get connected to meet up in person every week or two to catch up, chat about faith and life and pray together. If you want to join an in-person groups then send a message and we can get you connected!

We also run a weekly zoom session after church on Sundays. At 11:45am after church you can scroll down and join our student zoom. We catch up, sometimes play a game or two, take communion together monthly and then pray in groups of 3-5. You're so welcome to join us!

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