Since the start of Glasgow Vineyard, students have been key within our community. We are passionate about supporting, equipping, and releasing students in all that God has created them to be. Our aim is to point each other to Jesus and equip one another to live radical God-shaped lives in the midst of University culture. Whether you’re interested in joining a sports team, being on a committee or loving your flatmates really well, we are excited to see how the love of Jesus can permeate all areas of our lives and bring the love of Christ to those around us. 

As well as encouraging students to get involved in the main body and ministries of the church we also have some student specific activities!

Getting Involved


Student Small Groups

Every week at our student small group we have a meal and worship all together, and then split into small groups to have discussions, Bible studies and prayer.

Serving in the Church

We have heaps of opportunities to not just spectate on a Sunday but to get involved in our community. Whether you are passionate about sound, visuals, café, children, storehouse or worship there is a place […]


We are passionate about every student in Glasgow growing in their faith and looking more like Jesus. To help with this, we have developed our mentoring system where you get paired up with someone from […]

Weekends Away

Twice a year we head away (whether it be to Cause to live for or our own weekend away) in order to take time out of our hectic schedules to meet with God, worship, hang out with each other and have […]


We love to hang out as a community and also love getting to know one another’s pals so throughout the year we have girl’s breakfasts, guys hangouts and a number of other whole group socials, […]

Vineyard Sunday Lunches

We love that our church has a whole mix of students, singles, families and older folks in it. We think that it is really important to not only have our weekly student group but also to provide opportunities for our students to […]

Street Team

We are passionate about sharing the love of God on our campus, in our flats and to the people we interact with on a daily basis. We believe the best way to do this is […]

Study Space

In the run up to exam periods we open up our building to provide a student study space, with free coffee and wifi. It’s particularly great when the library is rammed and your flat is distracting you!

Student Library

We have a student library of different Christian books that we have found to be really insightful and inspiring. The library covers a whole range of themes, issues and topics to help you grow in […]

Space to Grow

If you feel like God has put something on your heart that we don’t currently do we would love to chat with you about how we could support you in the things you feel God […]

Want to Connect?

If you are a student and are interested in joining Glasgow Vineyard, or would like to come to the student group, then chat to one of our student team or contact Christa or Jenni who […]

Student Facebook feed

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