As we slowly move forward and come out of the covid19 crisis we, in common with many other churches, are seeing the need to do church in new ways. Rather than go back to the way it was, the church needs to move forward and explore the new realties of the post-Covid world that is emerging.

So as we start to meet together on a Sunday and our small groups start to gather together we need to:

  • Continue to connect with those who have joined us online.
  • Work that had to reduce, or be stopped, during lock-down now needs to be relaunched.
  • Teams that were disbanded need to be reformed, or fresh teams established and new opportunities explored and capitalised upon.

Teams are a great way to connect with the life of the church family, make new friends and find your place to serve, developing new skills and gifts, or using those you already have.  We strongly encourage everyone to find a place to serve; here are a few of the teams that you could join...

  • Join one of these teams that serve on a Sunday. These are great ways to get involved in what we do, meet new people and serving roughly once a month:
    • Hall Set Up and Welcome
    • Café
    • Kids' Set Up
    • Kids' Team
    • Worship
    • Tech (Sound and Visuals)
  • Join one of our teams that serve during the week and help us develop these areas of ministry to be all the God would have them be:
    • Storehouse Food Bank (Saturdays 9:45-12:15)
    • Storehouse Stock Team (Wednesday 12-2)
    • Outreach Team (Various)
    • Student Ministry (Tuesday pm and Various)