Storehouse Saturday Teams

Storehouse Teams

Storehouse is run by teams of committed volunteers from the church and local community.  The teams gather at Linden Street at 9.30am to prepare and run the food bank.  Doors open at 10.00 and we serve around 30 families each week.  The doors close at 12.00 and the team are usually away by 12.30pm after setting down the building and cleaning up.

Thinking of Volunteering?

We have four teams and we ask people to serve either once every two weeks or once a month as part of these teams.  We also have a number of people who serve as and when they are needed/are available, so we are reasonably flexible. 

We offer on the job training and everyone gets to try us out for three sessions before making a commitment; so what have you got to loose, why not try-out volunteering with Storehouse, and maybe, like so many of our volunteers, you'll absolutely love serving here.

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