GV Marriage Course

GV Marriage Course

The GV Marriage Course is an online course for any couple wanting to improve communication and intimacy and to gain tools for conflict resolution. Based on materials developed by Kevin and Suzanne Springer and run successfully for several years in group settings, the course has been adapted for use online and lasts for four 1hr Zoom sessions and includes 'partner projects' for couples to take away and do offline after the sessions.

The course is run by Gair and Laura Porter; more details can be obtained by contacting marriagecourse@glasgowvineyard.org

We attended the Marriage Course ten years ago, having fallen into the trap of work, family, church and home group cancelling out working on our relationship.

Thanks to the Course we were able to correct that mistake, learning to really listen to each other, resolve differences, what our love languages were, the importance of a regular date night - for us its a take away and DVD at home, but oh the difference that made, creating space for each other.

Our marriage is stronger and sweeter now as a result of all we learned and continue to put into practice.

Wherever you're at in your marriage this Course can only improve and enhance your relationship.

GV Marriage Course A GV Marriage Course attendee

Gair and Laura Porter

Gair and Laura have been married since 1983.  Gair is a principal teacher and a behaviour consultant with 30 years of teaching experience and has been licensed to officiate weddings since 1985.  Laura is a social worker who manages a health and social care team, and both enjoy giving hospitality and encouraging younger couples.

They first attended a marriage course led by Vineyard pastors Kevin and Suzanne Springer in 1996 and after spending time getting to know them and discussing the materials, were given permission to adapt and use the course in the Glasgow Vineyard.  Gair and Laura have led many couples through preparation-for-marriage courses and organised marriage enrichment courses and events for several years.  In 2020 they decided to take the GV Marriage Course "on-line" so more couples could take part.