Prophetic Team

We believe that it is important that those bringing prophecy are trained and in accountable relationships within the local church.  We have set up a Prophetic Team, which is run by our Senior Pastor, Linda Watters.  Members of the Prophetic Team have been trained in the prophetic, are in an accountable relationship with their team leader and other members of the team.  The team meet monthly for training and feedback sessions and contribute to our Ministry sessions at the end of our Sunday Services and make up the Prophecy Appointment Teams.

We also believe that all prophecy should be weighed and tested; that is why we make recordings of prophecy sessions, so that those to whom the prophecy has been given can weigh and test what has been said, and those who gave the prophecy can receive feedback on what they brought and how they presented it.

We provide a basic introduction to prophecy 'Discovery Prophecy' as part of our 'Discover' teaching and training sessions.  This introduction provides a basic biblical introduction to prophecy and some practical opportunities to hear from God.

If you would like to know more about prophecy, then e-mail the Glasgow Vineyard office at and we will get back to you. 

Prophecy Team Diary