Storehouse Special Collections

Jordanhill Accademy Christmas Collection for Storehouse

Seasonal Collections and Events

Getting involved in Storehouse seasonal events and collections is a great way to help serve those in need in our city.

At Storehouse we have seasonal initiatives such as our Christmas Hamper collection, in conjunction with local businesses, schools and agencies we collect Christmas food items, gifts for children and toiletries for the adults.  We give these out to our clients over the Christmas period, they are always in great demand.

At harvest we hold a special Harvest collection, supported by local schools, followed by a Harvest Family service and lunch, attended by Storehouse clients and supporters, when we celebrate the work of Storehouse and God's provision. 

During the year we collect from local supermarket, inviting customers to contribute an item from our shopping list, to help those who are going hungry.

We'd love it if you wanted to get involved...



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