Letter to Storehouse Volunteers

Update for the Storehouse Team on Covid-19 Arrangements

Dear Team Member,

I am writing to update you on the arrangements we have had to put in place to keep Storehouse open and serve our clients in ways that protect the team and clients from this horrible virus.
A small group of us have been working hard to transform Linden Street to make it a safe place to work while maintaining social distancing guidelines.
To achieve this reordering we have moved all the food into the main hall to establish 5 work areas for bag packing; prepacked bags are stored in the Stock Room.
To allow safe operation on Saturday, bag packing will take place on a Thursday afternoon with a strictly limited number of bag packers.
Saturday's operations will be limited to handing out prepacked bags to clients outside the building (no clients will be allowed in the building, for what ever reason, toilets will be for the team only, and all clients must queue at least 2 m apart at all times)
These limited operations mean that we will need to strictly limit the number of volunteers on both days.
We will be contacting volunteers directly to ask them to be part of the team for each specific Saturday and can I please ask that you do not come to Linden Street unless you have been specifically asked to attend. If you are unsure whether you have been invited, then please contact your team leader via Whatsapp/Facebook in the usual way. If you are still unsure, please do not come.
If you are a Client/Volunteer, and you need to access support, then please come along to Linden Street as a client and we will provide support in line with that being given to other clients that day.
I am sorry that we are having to take these steps, but it is vital that we protect those working and volunteering at Storehouse by reducing the risk of cross infection as much as practically possible.
Keep Safe