A New Way of Doing Church

17th October - 28th November 2021

Coming out of Lockdown the church faces new challenges.  We can't just go back to the 'Old Normal', the way things were. Too much has changed to simply start again where we left off.

This sermon series addresses the practical, spiritual and emotional challenges we face as we re-build Glasgow Vineyard and get ready to be the church this city and nation needs.

Being Christ's Ambassadors

Glasgow Vineyard is about loving God and loving people. This talk explores what it means to be 'God's Ambassadors' - the why and how of missions.

How many in the world profess to be Christians, and how many are on the other end of the spectrum with little or no access to the gospel?

We explore a range of ways to engage with the local or global missions task, allowing everyone to be a part of the Great Commission.

21 November 2021 - Nam Forrest

Follow up links to explore:

Maps, videos and information about Unreached People Groups: https://joshuaproject.net/

Prayer guides and Small Group Studies available at: https://www.platform67.org/resources.html

Email Nam for more information about how to get involved in Mission at Glasgow Vineyard or  to receive custom made Small Group Study - To Glasgow and Beyond: namparikh@hotmail.com

Financially support the Glasgow Vineyard Outreach Team by donating money to the Outreach Fund: Account Number: 06002877, Sort Code: 80-07-65, Account Name: Glasgow Vineyard.

Are You Ready?

Week 2 the 24th of October

Our sermon was  entitled “Are You Ready?”  We studied the five wise and the five foolish Virgins and asked "Are You Ready?"

We looked at positioning ourselves for God to bring renewal that goes viral and produces a revival and looked at what God did during revivals in the last century through people who prayed relentlessly and were ready.

24 October - Jamie Watters


Week 1 the 17th of October

Our sermon title was  “24.”  Where we discovered what Jesus thought were the most important final things he could teach his disciples in the little time that he had left with them.

We looked at humility and serving one another.

17 October 2021 - Jamie Watters