HUB+ Theology Training


Hub+ is quite simply Hub + Theology.

Hub+ builds on the practical training and ministry experience of Hub by adding theological study through a partnership with the Vineyard Institute.

This runs in parallel with the Hub sessions and is essential resourcing for those called to plant a Church or join a senior leadership team. Hub students are expected to take an average of three modules per year during the three year course, up to a maximum of nine modules.

Core modules

All students must take these core modules as part of the programme.
:: Theology of the kingdom
:: Biblical Metanarrative
:: Hermeneutics


Assessment varies from one module to another and may involve online testing, a collaborative project, forum interactions, essay writing or some combination of the above.

For more information on Theology in the Vineyard and Hub+ please contact Neal Swettenham – VCUKI Theology Co-Ordinator


The minimum time commitment is likely to be around 3–4 hours per week. This varies a little from student to student, but each module has been designed to take around 45 hours of study and students are recommended to start by taking just one module per twelve-week term. Further modules are available for students with additional capacity.


The cost per module is $112 (approximately £75) plus any reading material required for the course. Typically, this is limited to one key text per module.

Optional modules

You may then choose from a range of optional modules and accumulate sufficient credits to fulfil the programme requirements. The following list is illustrative. Other titles may be added or substituted over time.

:: Matthew and Mark
:: Luke-Acts
:: Johannine Literature and Theology
:: Pauline Literature and Theology
:: General New Testament Letters
:: 1 Corinthians
:: The Latter Prophets
:: Deuteronomy
:: Old Testament Literature
:: New Testament Literature
:: Church History 1
:: Ancient and Contemporary Gnosticism
:: Introduction to Theology and Systematics
:: The Church, Mission and Culture
:: Healing Ministry 1
:: Church Planting
:: Homiletics

Learning Communities

All students studying on Hub+ are required to meet together at least twice a term in learning communities of three or more people. These meetings ideally happen face-to-face, using resources provided in the module study guide, but online learning communities may also be an option where students live a long way apart.

For more info, or to apply for HUB Training, see the HUB Training Website

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