Marty and Alix’s Small Group

Marty and Alix Ritchie - Marty and Alix's Small Group Leaders

Marty and Alix's Small Group meet in Kirkintilloch on a Tuesday evening. Meeting at 7:30 for a chit chat with a cuppa and get started at 8pm till the back of 9pm.

Martin and Alix have this to say about their group:

It's very relaxed and we tend to alternate weeks between study and worship before praying each week to close out.

Our young kids normally make an appearance and you'll be warmly welcomed by all as well as our newest addition, Murphy, a Standard Poodle. He's a happy, sociable guy (who normally plays with Claire all night) and won't trigger any allergies either!

There is plenty of on street parking and the 89 bus to Kilsyth from Buchanan Street goes by really close on the main road. Send us an email or come say hi at church and try us out! 

Email Martin for more details about Marty and Alix's Small Group.