Sunday Service – Sunday 19th April

Join us at 11:00 for our Sunday Service - Kids' Church from 10:30

Welcome to Glasgow Vineyard Online Church!

Welcome to our online Sunday Service. If you are a visitor, then you are most welcome - if you arrive before 11:00 then check out the rest of the website to get a flavour of what we do; also do check into one of the Small Group sessions after the service, you will be most welcome.

On this page you will find our Sunday Service Video, which will be available to watch from 11:00 on Sunday plus a Worship and Kids Church Video, which will be available from 10:30, so the whole family can watch the Kids' Church together before the main service starts at 11:00.

The format of the service is similar to out usual Sunday Service; it starts with worship and moves on to a talk by one of our team and concludes with worship and prayer and will last, in all about 40-45 minutes.

After watching the service please do check into one of our Small Group sessions, these will be live at 11:45 and the links can be found below.

If you do arrive before 11:00 or are watching the Kids' Church before the main service, please remember to refresh the page at 11:00 to bring up the main service video.

Today's Service - Available 11:00 Sunday

Kids Church - Available 10:30am Sunday

Small Group Chats

We host mid-week small groups across the city to meet together, pray, worship and grow in our faith. These groups will be meeting online during the week and after church on Sundays.

Today, each group will be hosting a Zoom small group session after the talk where group members and guests can chat as a group and then prayer for one another; these sessions will start at 11:45.

If you are already part of a small group, then just click on the relevant link below at 11:45 (or just before if you need to download the Zoom app).

If you are not yet connected to a small group, please feel free to join in any of those sessions by clicking on a link for a group that meets near where you live or that usually meets at a time that will suit you going forward.

Small Group Sessions - go live at 11:45 on each Sunday:

Alix & Martin - Kirkintilloch - Meeting 11:45 today & 19:30 on Tuesdays

Jess & Larry - Crow Road - Meeting 11:45 today & 19:45 on Thursdays

Mike & Tanya, Ailidh & Pedro - Anniesland - Meeting 11:45 today & 19:45 on Tuesdays

Mikey & Roxy - Cambuslang - Meeting 11:45 today & 19:30 on Thursdays

Naomi & John, Sam & Amy - Southside - Meeting 11:45 today & 19:30 on Tuesdays

Peter, Nam & David - Yorkhill/Helensburgh/Alpha - Meeting 11:45 today & 19:30 on Wednesdays

Student Group - All Students - Meeting 11:45 today & 19:00 on Tuesdays

Tamsin, Moray, Steven & Becca - Balfron - Meeting 11:45 today & 20:00 on Tuesdays

Tegan & Josh - West End - Meeting 11:45 today & 19:30 on Wednesdays

Bora & Michael - Beith - Meeting 11:45 today & 19:30 on Tuesdays


If you aren't sure how to join a Zoom call, then watch this simple guide. (Instead of clicking on an email link, click on one of the links above to join a session)

If you have issues with joining a Zoom call then drop a message to our GV Facebook page, which you can find by CLICKING HERE.