GV Youth

GV Youth

GV Youth caters for our growing number of secondary school students from S1-S4.

Covid-19 - Youth Online

During this time of social distancing, we'll be looking to do lots of stuff both online and offline including group chats, challenges and check-ins.

Every Sunday we have a GV Youth Zoom chat for all in S1-S4 that starts at 15:30, for access - contact Tégan.

Check out the GV Youth Web Hub  which is the place for GV Youth to check into all the great stuff that we will be doing.

GV Youth Sunday

The Youth worship God with the wider church before their group bible teaching and discussion starts.

There is a leader around to sign youth in from 10.45am and all the group are encouraged to sit with their peers and leader for worship. On one Sunday a month, the group will stay in for adult church and take part in an activity on Sunday afternoon.