Small Groups

Small Groups

Our Small Groups are very much the heart of our community. They are great places to stay connected, to encourage and be encouraged. Our Small Groups normally meet in flats and houses throughout Glasgow and beyond, although some have continued to meet online.

The aim of a Small Group is to create a safe place in which to build relationships, pray, learn and share life together, in order to impact the communities around us. Small Groups are the very heart of the church. Small Groups provide a great spaces to build strong friendships, develop new gifting, and discuss life and faith-issues in a safe and comfortable environment.

Following the Covid-19 crisis we have adapted the way in which we do things in order to meet the needs of those who call Glasgow Vineyard their home and to put us in a better place to reach those who are searching or are on the margins.

Most of our groups now meet in person and these are the best to be involved in if you are able. However, we have seen that some find going out to a meeting in an evening challenging, lack the ability to travel or have no group near to them. We have, therefore, a number of online groups that allow people who would otherwise struggle to get to in person meetings the opportunity to connect in community.

Each of our groups have their own distinct character and you can find out a little about each of them from the descriptions below along with contact details for further information.