Support Our Work

Contributing to our work

We'd love to invite you to support our work by contributing either your time or your resources, or both.

As we move forward and come out of the Covid19 crisis we, in common with many other churches, see the need to do church in new ways. Rather than go back to the way it was, the we need to move forward and explore the new realties of the post-Covid world that has emerging.

So, as we meet together on a Sunday and our small groups gather together we need to:

  • Continue to connect with those who have joined us online.
  • Work that had to reduce, or be stopped, during lock-down now needs to be relaunched.
  • Teams that were disbanded need to be reformed, or fresh teams established and new opportunities explored and capitalised upon.

For these things to happen we need your support in two main ways.

Support our work by giving Financially

One way to help us is by supporting our work financially.

The best way to do this is by online bank transfer using the following details:

Church General Fund: Account Number: 00265505, Sort Code 80-05-54, Account Name: Glasgow Vineyard

Storehouse Food Bank: Account Number: 00265513, Sort Code: 80-05-54, Account Name: Glasgow Vineyard

Outreach Fund: Account Number: 06002877, Sort Code: 80-07-65, Account Name: Glasgow Vineyard

The account name in all cases is Glasgow Vineyard

Gift Aid

If you are a UK tax payer we are able to claim an additional 25p for every £1 you give under the Gift Aid Scheme, at no additional cost to you.

To allow us to do this please complete the online Gift Aid declaration found here

Help us by serving on a Team

The other vital way you can support our work is with your time. We strongly encourage everyone to find a place to serve; here are a few of the teams that you could join...

Sunday Teams

  • Join one of these teams that serve on a Sunday. These are great ways to get involved in what we do, meet new people and serving roughly once a month:
    • Sunday Church Setup and Set down Team - Contact Barnaby Simpkin for more details
    • Café - Contact Gair Porter for more details
    • Kids' Team - Contact Teeny Finlay for more details
    • Youth Team - Contact Jem Crawley for more details
    • Worship - Contact Richard Spriggs for more details
    • Tech (Sound and Visuals) - Contact Andrew Beveridge for Sound and Duncan Hutchison for Visuals

Midweek Teams

Want to find out more?

If you want to find out more about us you could:

  • Check out the Meet the Team page.
  • Complete an Online Connect Card so we can arrange to meet up for a chat, invite you to a Welcome event or let you know more about Small Groups.

Thank You