Latest Sermons

Latest Sermons

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making Room for new Wine - Are You Ready? - Jamie Watters - 17 Sep 23

In this first in our new series 'New Wine' - Jamie asks 'Are You Ready?' Are we ready to change the way we do things to make room for God to bring the harvest? As Jesus said in Luke 5 'No one pours new wine into old wineskins'. Jesus brought the new wine of the kingdom and the religious leaders were unable to accept His message because they were trapped by their inflexibility. God wants to bring renewal to His church and revival to our city and nation. Are we willing to change, or do we expect Him to move according to our plans? The change starts by knowing God and seeking His presence and allowing Him to fill us again by the new wine of the kingdom.

Life in the Spirit - Normalising Deliverance - John Scott - 10 Sep 23

In this final talk on our series 'Life in the Spirit', John Scott takes a practical look at 'Normalising Deliverance'.  Deliverance was a normal everyday part of Jesus' ministry on earth. He frequently encountered demonic influence and oppression, in the sickness, disease and torment being inflicted upon the lives of people He met. He delivered every one of these people, setting them free from torment, disease and sickness. If deliverance was normal to Jesus, shouldn't deliverance be normal to those who continue His ministry on earth? The answer to that question is undoubtedly 'Yes'. To Jesus deliverance was quiet, authoritative and effective. This authority He gave to His disciples and by extension, to us, the church. John calls us to recognise and operate in the authority Christ has given us, so we too may see people set free from all the enemy's torments.

Life in the Spirit - Supernatural Hope - Jamie Watters - 3 Sep 23

In this talk on our series 'Life in the Spirit', Jamie discusses 'Supernatural Hope'. The Christian life is not just about victory. Every one of us will face battles, difficulties, loss and defeats. Speaking from a place of experiencing recent great loss, Jamie ask how do we find the courage, strength and hope that Jesus talked about? Jamie explores Zechariah 9:11-12 where God exhorts us to turn our focus away from our troubles and focus on Him. Then He promises to rescue us from the dry and barren places of despair and to restore even more than we have lost.

Life in the Spirit - The Armour of God - Jamie Watters - 27 Aug 23

'It's time to get out of the trenches. It's time for God's church to arise from its slumber and retake the ground and influence occupied by our spiritual enemy.' So says Jamie in this latest talk in our series "Life in the Spirit' The armour of God empowers us not just to stand firm, but to advance. Not just to resist the enemy's attacks, but to advance and defeat his schemes. We, all, need to make sure we have the amour on and know how to use it effectively!

Life in the Spirit - Spiritual Warfare - Jamie Watters - 20 Aug 23

In this next section of our series 'Life in the Spirit' we look at the practical applications of both the supernatural Gifts and Fruit of the Spirit. In this first talk in this segment, Jamie looks at 'Spiritual Warfare'. One of Satan's greatest successes has been to convince much of the church that 'Spiritual Warfare' doesn't happen today and that the world is not affected and people's lives are not ravaged by demonic forces. Jesus was under no such illusion! He recognised, confronted and defeated demonic forces in all of His ministry and he prepared and gave authority and power to His followers to do the same. As Christ's church, we are called to advance His Kingdom and to forceably take back the ground the enemy has stollen.

All Age Service - Back to School - Teeny Finlay 13 Aug 23

As the new term start and our kids, teenagers and teachers head back to school, Teeny our Kids' and Family worker looks at the story of Daniel and his friends. Teeny explores what it is to stand for what you believe in, even when all around you have different ideas and opinions. She shares how God is faithful and is with us, even when the going gets tough and we face opposition. Through the Holy Spirit, who lives in us, and prayer, we can know God's power to transform our lives and our situations.

Life in the Spirit - Faithfulness - Jamie Watters 6 Aug 23

In this final talk in our series ‘Life in the Spirit’, Jamie looks at the supernatural fruit of Faithfulness. As with all the previous fruits of the Spirit, the fruit of Faithfulness is not something that we can do or develop in our own strength. While those without the Spirit of God can be faithful and show tremendous faithfulness, the fruit of the Spirit is something that God does in us. This fruit develops as we cooperate with His Spirit and show that we can be trusted with the gifts He has given us. It is about recognising the small things that God gives us, the little opportunities or challenges that come our way, and being faithful in these things.

Hope and Intimacy - Teeny Finlay - 30 Jul 23

In this sermon Teeny, our Kids' and Family worker, talks on the subject of Hope and Intimacy. Taking Paul's prayer in Ephesians 1:18, Teeny addresses themes from that prayer. Intimacy with Jesus comes from spending time with Him. Prayer is one of the best ways of spending time with Him. Knowing the hope we have in Jesus is not about head knowledge, but heart experience. We all hope for things, sometimes we hope for selfish things, such hope is not life giving. Only if our hope is aligned with Christ and our true identity in Him, will it bring life.

Life in the Spirit - Gentleness - Mikey Macintosh - 23 Jul 23

In this talk in our series, Life in the Spirit, Mikey explores how we are to cultivate Gentleness in our dealing with others. He shares how Gentleness flows from a place of humility and a realisation that we are not in a place of superiority, nor do we need to win every argument. Our role is to treat others with respect and dignity, just as Christ treats us. Gentleness in our relations with others, even in difficult circumstances, allow God to work to change circumstances and attitudes.

Life in the Spirit - Self Control - Andrew Beveridge - 16 Jul 23

In this talk in our series, Life in the Spirit, Andrew explores the supernatural fruit of Self-Control. Using the example from the lives of Daniel, Jesus and Paul, Andrew demonstrates that Self-Control is not about controlling ourselves to avoid doing undesirable things; nor is it making positive choices based upon know positive outcomes. It is 'a radical spirit enabled regulation of the self to enable positive actions that advance the Kingdom of God'. Trusting in God's goodness, even when those things may lead to detriment to self.

Life in the Spirit - Goodness - Jamie Watters - 9 Jul 23

In this talk in our series, Life in the Spirit, Jamie discusses the supernatural fruit of Goodness. What does it mean to have the fruit of Goodness in our lives? What is the difference between being a 'Good' person and displaying the supernatural fruit of Goodness? God is good, and we display His goodness when: We love people, think the best of them rather than assuming the worst. Forgive people, rather than holding grudges, or wanting to get even, blessing, rather than cursing. We are gracious and have a heart of compassion for those around us. We are generous, giving of our time, energy and money, not holding back, but fully and unconditionally giving of ourselves, as God gives to us.

Life in the Spirit - Kindness - Jamie Watters - 2 Jul 23

In this, our latest talk on Life in the Spirit, in which we are looking at the supernatural 'Fruit of the Spirit', Jamie shares about his recent visit to a conference at a church in Bogota, Columbia, that has been experiencing revival for over 30 years and has grown from a handful of people meeting in a room to a dynamic growing church of over 100,000 with a far reaching international ministry of encouragement. In this talk he reflects on the active acts of kindness he saw demonstrated by the people of that church and how supernatural kindness comes from God's heart of compassion and leads us into action. Kindness is the fuel for revival.

Life in the Spirit - Patience - Mikey Macintosh - 25 June 23

In this sermon, Mikey discusses the next of the Fruit of the Spirit, patience. Mikey describes how God is patient with His people. How He does not give up on us when we mess up, but 'is like a father to His children, tender and compassionate to all who fear Him' Ps103:13. Mikey goes on to say that the fruit of the Spirit in us is the development of a similar attitude towards others and towards the promises of God.

Life in the Spirit - Peace - Jamie Watters - 18 June 23

Jamie continues looking at the fruits of the spirit, this week discussing what it means to know peace. We all have things that we are concerned about. Christ calls us to have anxiety about no-thing, yet, many of us are anxious. Studies have shown that 90% of the things we are anxious about never happen and most of those that do are cope well with. However, knowing God's peace is not about some self help practices to help lessen our anxiety levels, but intimately knowing Christ - the Prince of Peace - and allowing Him to dwell in at the very centre of our lives.

Life in the Spirit - Joy - Jamie Watters - 11 June 23

Jamie continues looking at the fruits of the spirit, this week discussing what it means to seek and pursue spirit filled joy. Looking at waiting, patience and worship in the midst of life's trials and tests, it is often after these moments that true joy comes.

Life in the Spirit - Love - Jamie Watters - 4 June 23

In this week's sermon, Jamie continues looking at life in the Spirit by diving into the first of the fruits - Love. What does it mean to show and embody love and how can the Spirit led life cultivate greater love within and through us?

Life in the Spirit - Pentecost - 28 May 23

This week Jem talks us through what it means to live a life following Pentecost. How can we be the bearers of God's Holy presence and how does this impact our view on ourselves and the world around us? Exploring Acts 1 and 2, Jem walks us through some understanding around what happened at the event of Pentecost and considers how this reflects Old Testament language as well as what realities we live in as a result of the disciples being sent out full of the Spirit.

Life in the Spirit - Christlike Character - 21 May 23

In the latest in our series 'Life in the Spirit' Mikey looks at developing a 'Christlike Character'. We are all, as followers of Jesus, called, not just to do the things He did, but to become like Him. The fruit of the spirit enable each follower of Jesus to become like Him. The fruit of the Spirit are Love, Joy, Peace, Patience,  Kindness,  Goodness, Faithfulness,  Gentleness, Self-control. These fruit are available to all who know Jesus and choose to be changed by Him. If you want these fruit in your lives, are you willing to allow Him to change you?

Life in the Spirit - Cultivating the Supernatural Part 2 - 14 May 23

In the latest in our series 'Life in the Spirit' Jamie continues to look at Cultivating the Supernatural. Learning to live as friends of God is the key to seeing more of God's supernatural power and activity in our lives. Jesus calls His disciples 'friends' and so are we. Jamie identifies 6 key mindset changes that will help us live more as friends with God. Relationship is at the heart of all friendships. We don't need more faith, we don't need to strive; as His friends we already have access to all God's promises and goodness.

Life in the Spirit - Cultivating the Supernatural Part 1 - 7 May 23

In the latest in our series 'Life in the Spirit' Jamie looks at Cultivating the Supernatural. As Christians we follow a supernatural God and are saved by a supernatural Saviour. We are also empowered and in-dwelt by a supernatural Holy Spirit.  The church is at its most effective and transformative when we, its members, recognise and allow space in our lives and community for the supernatural.  Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing. Seeing what the Father is doing is, then, the starting point. But more than just seeing, we need to release what we see by speaking it out, 'doing it', even if we don't fully understand it. We may never fully understand the mind of God. We are, however, to be guided both by scripture and the Spirit. Fully engaging with both will help us see what God is doing. And, so it goes…

Life in the Spirit - Prophecy (Application) - 30 Apr 23

In the latest in our series 'Life in the Spirit' Jamie looks at the application of the gift of prophecy. Jesus said He only did what He saw the Father doing and only said what He heard the Father saying. That is why prophecy is so important today; we all must learn to see what God is doing and hear His word if we are to walk as Jesus walked and do the things He is calling us to do. The primary purpose of prophecy is to strengthen, encourage and comfort and Jamie looks at 9 applications for this function. Jamie also identifies 3 separate secondary purposes for this gift and encourages us all to earnestly desire that we have and use the gift of prophecy.

Life in the Spirit - Wisdom, Words of Knowledge and Discernment - 23 Apr 23

In the latest in our series 'Life in the Spirit' Jamie discusses three of the nine gifts listed in 1 Cor 12. The gifts of Wisdom, Knowledge and Discernment are akin to knowing the mind of God. Just as God gave wisdom to King Solomon, the gift of wisdom provides heavenly insights into today's problems. What problems do you face? Do you need wisdom? Then ask God for it. God reveals hidden truth or details about people or situations, through the gift of knowledge. He wants to unlock conflict or closed minds and drawing people into relationship with Him. The gift of Discernment is cruicial to understanding the source of words deeds or events. Who, or what is behind words given; is it God, is it the devil or is it man? Knowing the source 0f words or pictures is vital if we are not to be led astray by nice sounding words that are ultimately deceitful.

Life in the Spirit - Faith - Jem Crawley - 16 Apr 23

In the latest in our series 'Life in the Spirit' Jem discusses the subject of 'Faith'. Starting from Hebrews Chapter 10:36 to 11:6, Jem reveals how faith is not an intellectual understanding or set of beliefs but a lifestyle of actively living as if the Kingdom of God is near and that the promises go God are true. We may feel that God's promises do not apply to us, or that in some way we are disqualified from receiving His love.

There is nothing that can separate us from God's love. Forgiveness is the key we are forgiven - Jesus paid the price for all that we have done wrong - but many are held back by unforgiveness. To be truly free and to live in the truth of God's love we need to forgive those who hurt us, forgive those who hurt those we love, and, hardest of all, forgive ourselves. Can you do that?

Easter Family Service - Teeny Finlay - 9 Apr 23

We all have a favourite superhero, who is yours? For our Easter Family Celebration, Teeny tells us that Jesus is the original 'Superhero'. Jesus not only came back from the dead, but he also defeated it. He came so that we could know God's love and forgiveness, be Jesus' friends, and part of His amazing family. Do you know God's love? If not, you can know it today.

Jesus also has amazing superhero powers that He gives to all who follow Him, through the Holy Spirit. What is yours?