Latest Sermons

Latest Sermons

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Life in the Spirit - Christlike Character - 21 May 23

In the latest in our series 'Life in the Spirit' Mikey looks at developing a 'Christlike Character'. We are all, as followers of Jesus, called, not just to do the things He did, but to become like Him. The fruit of the spirit enable each follower of Jesus to become like Him. The fruit of the Spirit are Love, Joy, Peace, Patience,  Kindness,  Goodness, Faithfulness,  Gentleness, Self-control. These fruit are available to all who know Jesus and choose to be changed by Him. If you want these fruit in your lives, are you willing to allow Him to change you?

Life in the Spirit - Cultivating the Supernatural Part 2 - 14 May 23

In the latest in our series 'Life in the Spirit' Jamie continues to look at Cultivating the Supernatural. Learning to live as friends of God is the key to seeing more of God's supernatural power and activity in our lives. Jesus calls His disciples 'friends' and so are we. Jamie identifies 6 key mindset changes that will help us live more as friends with God. Relationship is at the heart of all friendships. We don't need more faith, we don't need to strive; as His friends we already have access to all God's promises and goodness.

Life in the Spirit - Cultivating the Supernatural Part 1 - 7 May 23

In the latest in our series 'Life in the Spirit' Jamie looks at Cultivating the Supernatural. As Christians we follow a supernatural God and are saved by a supernatural Saviour. We are also empowered and in-dwelt by a supernatural Holy Spirit.  The church is at its most effective and transformative when we, its members, recognise and allow space in our lives and community for the supernatural.  Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing. Seeing what the Father is doing is, then, the starting point. But more than just seeing, we need to release what we see by speaking it out, 'doing it', even if we don't fully understand it. We may never fully understand the mind of God. We are, however, to be guided both by scripture and the Spirit. Fully engaging with both will help us see what God is doing. And, so it goes…

Life in the Spirit - Prophecy (Application) - 30 Apr 23

In the latest in our series 'Life in the Spirit' Jamie looks at the application of the gift of prophecy. Jesus said He only did what He saw the Father doing and only said what He heard the Father saying. That is why prophecy is so important today; we all must learn to see what God is doing and hear His word if we are to walk as Jesus walked and do the things He is calling us to do. The primary purpose of prophecy is to strengthen, encourage and comfort and Jamie looks at 9 applications for this function. Jamie also identifies 3 separate secondary purposes for this gift and encourages us all to earnestly desire that we have and use the gift of prophecy.

Life in the Spirit - Wisdom, Words of Knowledge and Discernment - 23 Apr 23

In the latest in our series 'Life in the Spirit' Jamie discusses three of the nine gifts listed in 1 Cor 12. The gifts of Wisdom, Knowledge and Discernment are akin to knowing the mind of God. Just as God gave wisdom to King Solomon, the gift of wisdom provides heavenly insights into today's problems. What problems do you face? Do you need wisdom? Then ask God for it. God reveals hidden truth or details about people or situations, through the gift of knowledge. He wants to unlock conflict or closed minds and drawing people into relationship with Him. The gift of Discernment is cruicial to understanding the source of words deeds or events. Who, or what is behind words given; is it God, is it the devil or is it man? Knowing the source 0f words or pictures is vital if we are not to be led astray by nice sounding words that are ultimately deceitful.

Life in the Spirit - Faith - Jem Crawley - 16 Apr 23

In the latest in our series 'Life in the Spirit' Jem discusses the subject of 'Faith'. Starting from Hebrews Chapter 10:36 to 11:6, Jem reveals how faith is not an intellectual understanding or set of beliefs but a lifestyle of actively living as if the Kingdom of God is near and that the promises go God are true. We may feel that God's promises do not apply to us, or that in some way we are disqualified from receiving His love.

There is nothing that can separate us from God's love. Forgiveness is the key we are forgiven - Jesus paid the price for all that we have done wrong - but many are held back by unforgiveness. To be truly free and to live in the truth of God's love we need to forgive those who hurt us, forgive those who hurt those we love, and, hardest of all, forgive ourselves. Can you do that?

Easter Family Service - Teeny Finlay - 9 Apr 23

We all have a favourite superhero, who is yours? For our Easter Family Celebration, Teeny tells us that Jesus is the original 'Superhero'. Jesus not only came back from the dead, but he also defeated it. He came so that we could know God's love and forgiveness, be Jesus' friends, and part of His amazing family. Do you know God's love? If not, you can know it today.

Jesus also has amazing superhero powers that He gives to all who follow Him, through the Holy Spirit. What is yours?

Life in the Spirit - Healing - Jamie Watters - 2 Apr 23

In this second in our series on 'Life in the Spirit', Jamie looks at the subject of Healing. He shares stories and testimonies of healing and the vital imperative of staying aligned with God's presence. Jamie explains how Healing was at the core of Jesus' proclamation of the good news, was central to the foundation of the Vineyard movement, and remains central to our ministry today. To help people get started praying for healing, Jamie then provides some basic teaching on a 5 step healing model. This model relies upon the presence of God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Life in the Spirit - Heightened Awareness - Jamie Watters - 26 Mar 23

In this first of our new series on 'Life in the Spirit', Jamie leads us through the riches of Romans chapter 8 and highlights the key promises and themes of that chapter and how they are truly transformative, if we chose to live by them. Jamie relates how 'Life in the Spirit' is so different from living by the values and culture of the world. In the Spirit, we are not dominated by the thinking of today, that puts our thoughts and desires at the centre of who we are and what we do, but reliance on God, His Spirit and His word of truth is at the core of our being. Only through connection to God, through the Spirit, can we truly know the life transforming fruit of the Spirit in our lives; born out of heightened awareness of what God has done and is doing in our lives.

Jesus is the one you're looking for - Mikey Macintosh - 19 Mar 23

In this sermon, Mikey reflects on the sermon preached by Paul in Athens, found in Acts 17. Mikey brings 5 key points from Paul's sermon that are so relevant to the culture today and our individual lives. As in Athens, our culture today is heavily invested in the worship of idols that do not satisfy. While we may not sacrifice animals on an altar, we all, to some degree, have or do still sacrifice our time, energy and money in the pursuit of things that ultimately will not satisfy. Only Jesus can fully satisfy our needs for emotional well being and spiritual connection. Jesus is the one we are looking for; and all the while we are seeking Him, maybe in all the wrong ways, He is seeking us, lovingly pursuing us, so He can set us free. While our problems and needs may seem great, Jesus is even bigger than we think and He is more than capable of setting us free from the things that hold us back; if we choose to let Him. Will you let Him?