Latest Sermons

Latest Sermons

Here you will find the sermons from our current sermon series

Rhythms for Life - Prayer 2 - Jim Crawley - 22 Jan 23

In this second talk on Prayer, Jem encourages us to use the access we have a children of our loving Heavenly Father to explore and cultivate healthy and life giving rhythms of prayer. Taking guidance from Psalms 4 and 5 plus the prayer Jesus taught His disciples, Jem unpacks 6 fields of prayer for us to explore - Thanksgiving and Silence, Fasting and Intercession, and Prayer Walking and Sabbath. He then challenges us to take steps, starting where we are, to cultivate a lifestyle of prayer that grows in intimacy with the Father.

Rhythms for Life - Prayer 1 - Andrew Beveridge - 15 Jan 23

In this second in our series on Rhythms of Life, Andrew explores the subject of prayer, and explains that prayer is not an automatic process, which if got right brings results, nor is it about worrying into the void, it is a relationship: seeking the Will of God, speaking the Word of God and displaying the Way of God. Andrew uses the prayer Jesus taught His disciples to pray to explain how we can enter into prayer and how each of the element of that prayer fit together to bring us close to the God to whom we are praying and to see more of His will come to pass, both now and in eternity.

Rhythms for Life - Jamie Watters - 8 Jan 23

In this first sermon of the New Year, Jamie discusses the importance of establishing 'Rhythms for Life'.  Commentators say that the habit of setting New Year's Resolutions has all but died out, largely because we are afraid of not finishing what we start. However, we will never finish what we don't start and failure to start is the biggest impediment to reaching our goals, or doing what God is calling us to do. We need to start where we are, use what we have, do what we can and let God be God, and if we do, we will see God move.

Advent 3 - All Age Christmas Service - Teeny Finlay - 18 Dec 22

In this talk, Teeny unwraps the Christmas story and explores the lessons found in the journey of the Wise Men to seek Jesus. She calls us all to spend more time with God so we will notice what He is doing. To seek His direction on what we should do about it and have the perseverence to do what He asks of us, even when we face opposition.

Advent 2 - Jem Crawley - 11 Dec 22

In this second of our Advent series, Jem opens up the first chapter of John's gospel and explores the amazing truths packed into John's opening poetic verses. These truth packed verses tell how Jesus is the Messiah - both fully God and fully man. With God in the beginning He came to earth to give those who put their trust Him the right to become Children of God.

Advent 1 - Mikey Macintosh - 4 Dec 22

In this sermon, Mikey reflects on how Advent is a time of waiting - waiting for Jesus to come, at Christmas, and to come again. Mikey encourages us that 'Good things come to those who wait'. He looks at the command in Romans 12:12  'Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer' when we wait for God to move, or our circumstances to change.

Why apostles? - Jamie Watters - 27 Nov 22

In this sermon, Jamie answers the question 'Why apostles?' The role of the apostle within the Five-Fold ministries is to pioneer and shape the future direction of the church. While the pastor takes care of the needs of the people today, the apostle 'one who is sent out' looks to the future. While there were 12 Apostles who were chosen by Jesus, there at least 25 named apostles in the New Testament. These apostles took the message of the gospel into new regions and countries, planted new churches, bringing the Good News of the Kingdom to those who need to hear it. So it is, with apostles today, not to rule over the church, but to serve it.

Why Evangelism? - Jamie Watters - 20 Nov 22

In this sermon Jamie answers the question 'Why Evangelism?'. Far from being no longer required, the gift of Evangelism is needed now as much if not more than ever before. Traditional evangelistic approaches, which worked in societies that were familiar with the claims of the gospel, no longer work. We, like the early disciples, are trying to reach societies which are ignorant, if not hostile to the 'good news'. We are called to demonstrate the power of the kingdom and, through that demonstration, draw people into relationship with the Father.

Why Prophecy? - John Scott - 13 Nov 22

In this sermon John Scott answers the question 'Why Prophecy?'. John tells us that Prophecy, hearing from God, is as vital today as it has ever been. He echo's Paul's desire in 1 Corinthians 14, that we should earnestly desire all the spiritual gifts and especially prophecy. He shares some of the misconceptions about prophecy and provides a practical example of how we can all hear from God.

[Due to technical issues, there is only a Low Res version of the video of this sermon available at the moment.]

Why 5-Fold? - Jamie Watters - 6 Nov 22

In this sermon Jamie provides an overview of the 5-Fold Ministry Gifts of Ephesians 4 and identifies the importance of each of them to a healthy church. He describes how Jesus was the exemplar for each of these gifts in action and how, as Christ's body here on earth, the church needs to recognise and encourage the development and use of each of the five gifts. This talk will be followed by fuller examination of each of the ministry gifts in later weeks.

All Age Service - Teeny Finlay - 30 Oct 22

In this talk Teeny answers the question 'Why should we be light in the darkness?' She shares how God is with when we go through trying a difficult times, and how he calls us to bring Jesus into all situations through prayer trusting that He turns all things into good for those that love Him.

Why Discipleship? - Jamie Watters - 23 Oct 22

In this sermon, Jamie, answers the question 'Why Discipleship?'. All followers of Jesus are called, not to be consumers and gathers of information, but Spirit led disciples. Discipleship is a journey, in three parts: To be with Jesus, to become like Jesus and to do what Jesus did. While we can help each other grow, we, each of us, are responsible for our own discipleship journey.

Why Prayer? - Part 2 - Jamie Watters - 16 Oct 22

In this sermon, Jamie, looks at some reasons we struggle with prayer and provides some pointers to help us to pray. He challenges us to pray risky prayers, such as that prayed by David in Psalm 139. "Search me, God, and know my heart. Test me, and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting."

Why Prayer? - Jamie Watters - 9 Oct 22

In this sermon, Janie, answers the question Why Prayer? He highlights 4 reasons why people don't pray, and identifies that prayer is absolutely vital if we are to be known by God. Prayer requires us to have intimacy with God, a lifestyle with prayer at its heart and the persistence to keep Asking, Seeking and Knocking until we get answers.

Why Compassion? - Jamie Watters - 2 Oct 22

In this episode of our Why? Series, Jamie and the Compassion Team explore 'Why Compassion?' and share how Compassion is at the very centre of all the Jesus did and is at the core of God's nature. Compassion is about caring enough to do something that makes a difference and is something we all can do.

Why Bible? - Jem Crawley - 25 Sep 22

In this third talk in the Why? Series, Jem looks at the subject of Why Bible? He shares How the Bible is the Story of God's Love for His People and how, if we fully engage with its narrative, we will grow and flourish, like trees planted near rivers of living water. (Psalm 1)

Why Mission - The Outreach Team - 18 Sep 22

In this second of our series 'Why?' we look at the question 'Why Mission?'. We explore the reasons why we are to do mission, what is mission and learn that we do mission in response to Jesus 'Great Commision' to make disciples and that we all have a part to play in 'Doing Mission'.

Why Church? - Jem Crawley - 11 Sep 22

In the first of our new sermon series asking the question Why? Jem looks at the subject 'Why Church?' and speaks of how the church is not a building made with stones and glass, but a gathering of people to worship God. He tells us how while through Jesus we can develop strong individual relationships with God, however, we are not meant to worship God in isolation. We are called to be part of the body of Christ, the church; each bringing our individual gifts to help build each other up into the full maturity of Jesus.